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Friday FAIL: You’re Missing a Tire!

Friday FAIL: Driving without a Tire

Photo: Lancashire Road Police

You usually need four when driving a car…

With almost any non-commercial passenger car, truck, or SUV, you need four wheels and tires to properly and reliably drive. When you’re missing a wheel or a tire, then you usually notice it due to the loud sound, difficulty steering, and incredibly poor ride quality.

Friday FAIL: Driving without a Tire

Photo: Lancashire Road Police

Simply put, if you can’t tell that your vehicle is missing a wheel or a tire, then you shouldn’t be driving.

… And this person shouldn’t be driving.

The Lancashire Road Police recently pulled a driver of a Vauxhall Astra over because their vehicle was driving without a tire on the M55 motorway.

This vehicle was stopped by our TacOps colleagues on the M55 after a report from concerned members of the public. The driver was unaware what the problem was 🤔 They are now aware a day in court is coming for numerous offences 👍

— Lancs Road Police (@LancsRoadPolice)

According to the tweet, numerous motorists had ed the police about the driver, who was later pulled over and ticketed for numerous offenses. The craziest part is that the driver claimed that they were unaware of what the issue was when driving.

Police pulled over a motorist on a busy motorway for driving without a tyre

— Yahoo UK News (@YahooNewsUK)

Tom Davis, a witness to the car driving, told Yahoo News UK: “We had passed the car earlier down the road … we decided to film it for evidence as he came past us.”

Don’t be like this driver, ever.

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How stupid and oblivious was this person to be driving down the motorway while missing a front tire?


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