Featured Fitment: BMW M3 with PUR FL26 Wheels

BMW M3 with PUR FL26 Wheels by SR Auto Group

More fun for the M.

The BMW M3 is already considered one of the best driver’s cars right out of the box. While it can provide endless smiles in stock form, one customer went to SR Auto Group wanting a bit more of a white-knuckled driving experience with some style to boot. So, the specialists in Vancouver upgraded the suspension, modified the engine, added in some carbon fiber, and threw on a new set of PUR FL26 wheels.

BMW M3 with PUR FL26 Wheels by SR Auto Group

The first thing that the team at SR Auto Group gave the BMW M3 was a new set of H&R lowering springs. This cut down the ride height and reduced the center of gravity to improve the handling and give the sports car a more athletic stance. After that, a new BMW M Performance carbon fiber front lip was installed along with a BMW M Performance carbon fiber side spoiler for a more aggressive look.

BMW M3 with PUR FL26 Wheels by SR Auto Group

The force-fed 3.0-liter inline-six engine also got a nice little boost while it was at SR Auto Group. A full Akrapovic titanium exhaust cuts weight and reduces backpressure, and gives the BMW M3 a throatier, more exciting note. SR Auto Group also brought in ECU Tuning Group to remap the engine’s software with an ETG Performance Tune and take full advantage of the new Akrapovic exhaust for a generous increase in output.

BMW M3 with PUR FL26 Wheels by SR Auto Group

The final and most eye-catching touch in the transformation is the new set of PUR FL26 wheels. These monoblock flow formed wheels give the BMW M3 a sharper edge with their angular, ten-spoke design. For this application, SR Auto Group installed the PUR FL26 wheels in a staggered 20 x 9.5 front and 20 x 10.5 rear setup with the latter having a slightly deeper concave. Adding the perfect amount of contrast to the body is the Matte Black finish on the PUR FL26 wheels which also meshes well with the new carbon fiber upgrades.

BMW M3 with PUR FL26 Wheels by SR Auto Group

This BMW M3 by SR Auto Group with PUR FL26 wheels isn’t an all-out, hardcore transformation that will rip your face off, but it’s a perfect upgrade package for a customer looking to make this sports car “theirs” and set it apart from the pack.

Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: BMW M3
Wheels: PUR FL26
Wheel Finish: Matte Black
Front Wheels: 20 x 9.5
Rear Wheels: 20 x 10.5
Suspension: H&R lowering springs

-Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust System
-ETG Performance Tune Upgrade

-BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Front Lip
-BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Side Spoiler

BMW M3 with PUR FL26 Wheels Gallery

Source: SR Auto Group

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