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Let’s see Chevy’s Long List of Awards in this Parody Video

Another ‘Real People’ gem.

The folks at ‘’ on YouTube seemed to have found a niche by just ripping apart those Chevrolet ‘Real People. Not Actors.’ advertisements. Their main character, “Mahk”, breaks down and exposes the idiotic opinions and views of those featured in the commercials by saying what we’ve all been thinking.

In the latest parody ad, the host of the commercial shows off Chevrolet’s long list of awards to “real people”. Mahk decides to step in and take a shot at reading all of the awards that are scrolling down the screen.

Of course, these are all made-up awards that poke fun at Chevrolet, the most tongue-in-cheek being the “2015 Award for the Most Fatalities for Faulty Ignition Switches”.

We hope Chevrolet keeps making these ads so that Mahk keeps ruining them.


Did you find the latest Chevrolet Real People parody ad funny?


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