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Friday FAIL: When you really Stick the Landing

Friday FAIL Dirtbike Landing on Jeep

KTM, meet Jeep.

If you want to go and play in a big sandbox with your toys, Qatar is the place to go. There’s basically no rules in their sand dune playgrounds and while that makes for some serious fun, it can also lead to some bad situations.

A couple of friends were doing some big-time jumps on the massive sand dunes with a few cameramen coordinating the effort. The only problem was that the cameramen weren’t properly communicating and observing traffic driving through.

Friday FAIL Dirtbike Landing on Jeep

So, as the dritbike riders jumped into the air, a convoy of Jeeps were roaming past right in the landing zone approximately 100-feet away.

Although the other riders missed the Jeeps, one camera-wearing rider ended of landing on the hood and fender of a Wrangler.

The impact from the landing left a huge tire mark and dent, but thankfully, nobody was hurt. The crash could have been fatal for the rider and the driver of the Jeep had it been a few feet of difference.

The team of dirtbike riders learned from their close call and won’t be making jumps without proper communication and scouting next time.


How mad would you be if someone hit your vehicle with a dirtbike off of a jump?


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