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Friday FAIL: No Rim, No Problem?

Friday FAIL: Jetta missing wheel driving 75 mph

“I feel a weird vibration in my steering wheel.”

We all know (or at least should know) what it feels like when you’re driving on a flat tire. Steering is more difficult, there’s bad vibration, and your car is harder to control. Now imagine driving a car that’s missing most of a wheel.

This Volkswagen Jetta driver either is incredible stupid, doesn’t care, or is trying to run away from some kind of accident/incident/crime and need to disappear as fast as possible.

Friday FAIL: Jetta missing wheel driving 75 mph

According to the video uploader and dashcam-equipped driver that caught the Jetta, the car was going about 75 mph and missing about 25-percent of the wheel. Not the tire, mind you, THE WHEEL.

And the driver just keeps on going, somehow controlling their front-wheel drive car at speed. Before exiting onto a different highway, the camera-equipped driver captures the Jetta driver quickly changing lanes at the last second, with a trail of smoke coming from the back.

Thankfully everyone was safe because the four-way lights were on!


How stupid is this Jetta driver going 75 MPH while missing most of their front wheel?


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