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Take a look at One of the Six “Lost” Jaguar Lightweight E-Types

Harniman Photographer Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

A legend is reborn.

In the 1960s, Sir William Lyons and Malcolm Sayer of Jaguar produced 12 special Lightweight E-Type models that utilized aluminum alloy and other materials extensively to reduce weight for better performance. Various changes were made to the standard car to create a high-performance, race-oriented Jaguar E-Type. While a total of 18 Jaguar Lightweight E-Types were planned, only 12 were made.

Harniman Photographer Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

Those six remaining chassis numbers sat tucked away, untouched for almost 50 years, until the Jaguar Heritage department decided to finish the remaining six “missing” models and complete the production.

Harniman Photographer Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

Creating the final six “missing” Jaguar Lightweight E-Type models meant that each car had to be built to the original specifications and meet FIA racing requirements for historic championship competition. Each aluminum-bodied classic was hand-made at Browns Lane by skilled craftsmen and fitted with the same high-performance engines that were found in the Le Mans-winning C- and D-Type models. Every little detail on the original designs were followed to a T, making the missing six true vintage classics.

Harniman Photographer Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

Thankfully, the talented Nigel Harniman tracked down one of the six “missing” Jaguar Lightweight E-Type models for a photoshoot and short film. During a wet and rainy day, Katarina Kyvalova got behind the wheel of the classic sports car and showcased why the Lightweight E-Type is such an incredible British machine.

Missing Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Gallery


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