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Get Crazy with Mad Mike and his Four-Rotor MX-5!

Mad Mike at Highlands Motorsport Park

Time to shred some tires!

New Zealand drift extraordinaire, Mad Mike Whiddett, knows a thing or two about going sideways at triple digit speeds and managing to stay in control of his car. His high-speed drifting talents has helped him to conquer tracks around the globe and he and his new friend, the quad-rotor, twin-turbocharged 26B engine Mazda MX-5 nicknamed “RADBUL” decided to have some fun at Highlands Motorsport Park.

Mad Mike at Highlands Motorsport Park Mad Mike at Highlands Motorsport Park

Located in Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand, Highlands Motorsport Park is the premier racing circuit in the coastal country. To celebrate his return home, Mad Mike took RADBUL out for a smoke-filled spin at the circuit for all of our enjoyment.

Its 90 seconds of pure tire-shredding fun!

Source: Red Bull

Would you like to drift the quad-rotor MX-5 named RADBUL?


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