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Watch this Guy do a Burnout on an iPhone 6S!

iPhone 6S Burnout Ducati

Just because!

People’s obsession with cell phones and mobile devices has become a huge problem in today’s society to the point where we as humans cannot live without them. It’s sad. Our obsession has even driven us to do crazy things with them for “testing” purposes such as using them as brake pads and doing burnouts on them!

iPhone 6S Burnout Ducati

One guy decided that it would be a great idea to test out the durability of an iPhone 6S by taking a Ducati and doing a burnout on the screen because this sort of this happens all the time. There is a graveyard the size of the state of Kansas of old, broken cell phones that have been lost due to irresponsible burnouts.

But fear not! For after this ultra-scientific test, the iPhone 6S shows that it can withstand the hardcore abuse of a racing slick rubbing all over its screen! HUMANITY WILL SURVIVE!

Maybe an iPhone aerodynamic- or widebody kit is in order next?


Would you like to do this to an iPhone 6S?


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