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Volkswagen Passat vs. Ferrari 458 – Guess Who Wins!

Volkswagen Passat vs Ferrari 458 Italia

FWD wagon vs. RWD super car.

Old, Volkswagen diesels have a reputation for being slow – like absurdly slow. They’re mostly used nowadays for vegetable oil conversions and to make everything smell like the French fries from your favorite fast food joint.

Except for this old-school Volkswagen Passat wagon. We’re going to put our reputation on the line here and say that this is packing a little more something substantial than the little diesel four-pot found in the factory models.

Volkswagen Passat vs Ferrari 458 Italia

The unsuspecting Volkswagen Passat lined up against a mighty Ferrari 458 Italia in what might have seemed like a David vs. Goliath race to the average person.

However, this front-wheel drive Volkswagen oil-burner absolutely obliterated the state-of-the-art, modern day exotic in a straight line. That’s pretty freaking cool.

Keep blowing doors off, you crazy diesel Volkswagen, you!


How funny is it to see this old diesel Volkswagen Passat beat this Ferrari 458 Italia so handily?


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