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Cringe as these Stanced VIP cars Leave a Parking Lot

VIP Stance Grind

How low can you really go?

Everybody is doing the bump and grind here. Oftentimes, lower is better when better when it comes to a vehicle’s suspension because it results in a reduced center of gravity, which in turn leads to more dynamic handling. But, as with many things in the automotive world, people can take it too far for the sake of style.

There are many fads in the automotive world that focus on style and form way over function. In a way, that’s what makes the automotive community so good; its diversity and incredible range of taste and styling offer up something for everyone.

VIP Stance Grind

The VIP stanced scene is big in Japan and features cars lowered to the extreme, oftentimes to the point where they scrape and drag across the asphalt making simple obstacles like bumps in the road very hazardous.

This video was shot in Japan of VIP stanced cars in 2013 shows just how hard it can be to drive one of these vehicles. At the 2:35 mark in the video, you can see how some of the cars are so low that they cannot maneuver and have a turning radius worse than an 18-wheeler.

Whatever your stance on these cars, it’s hilariously gut wrenching to watch and hear this group leave a parking lot.


How painful was it to watch these stanced VIP cars scrape the pavement?


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