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Preview Of The Mad Max Movie Cars

Mad Max Fury Road Vehicles

Get ready for hell on earth!

Upon the advent of the apocalypse, our Lamborghini’s will be no more. We will be rationing fuel and needing to commute over the rubble of where we used to work. Every year, we get sneak peeks of upcoming models, Now, we are allowed to consider what we’ll be driving after the nuclear smoke clears. Well at least George Miller will. The cars of the new movie, Mad Max: Fury Road” will feature some of the most outrageous rides ever screwed together by a nomad.

Mad Max Fury Road Vehicles

Something a little more capable that your Jeep Rubicon and slightly less attractive than a Gumpert Apollo? The movie is expected to star a few Fords, a Plymouth, a Beetle and even an old Fargo truck. Obviously, the Mitsubishi Outlander and Subaru Outback were out of luck because there are no foreigners in the cast. They are just renderings, but give a clear view of the cars. Maybe you can spot a few of them in the trailer. Here goes!

Mad Max: Fury Road Gallery


What will your favorite vehicle in the new Mad Max: Fury Road movie be?


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