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Friday FAIL: Road Rage Ends in an Embarrassing Fall

Friday FAIL motorcycle road rage

This is why we are thankful for dashcams.

We absolutely love when dashcams capture incidents of road rage that end embarrassingly bad for the angry driver. It’s sweet justice that we can all have a good laugh at and know that the offender likely learned his lesson. This is one of those cases.

In lo Horizonte, Brazil a motorcycle rider and car were sharing two lanes on a road. Unfortunately, the driver of the car did not properly check their blind spots and cut off the motorcycle rider. Rightfully, upset, the motorcycle rider and the car began to exchange in some aggressive driver. This, of course, was wrong on both of their parts.

Friday FAIL motorcycle road rage

Then, at the next stoplight, the motorcycle rider decides to get revenge. As the rider splits the lanes and gets beside of the car, they kick the door, causing them to fall onto the pavement and slide into the intersection. Thankfully, the van beside them was coming to a stop and didn’t hit the rider as they were getting some nasty road rash.

Neither the car nor motorcycle rider were in the right in this situation, but the outcome of the blatant road rage was comical justice.

Check your blind spots, folks!


How funny was it to see this road rage end in an embarrassing fail?


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