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Friday FAIL: A VW Golf Cabrio Hits a Ferrari Four Times

VW Golf Cabrio Hits a Ferrari Four Times

Why would you ever do that?

Nobody likes to walk out to their car on the street and find chips or dings on the bumpers from people that just don’t know how to drive. That’s why people in heavy populated cities have odd-looking bumper guards draped over the front and rear bumpers. When you have a Ferrari F430, you shouldn’t have to get bumper guards.

This Ferrari F430 owner however, must’ve wished that they had a set after this Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet left. The two older men driving the Cabriolet were attempting to leave their street-side parking spot and backed up into the Ferrari F430 not once, not twice, not even three times, but FOUR before leaving.

What makes it even worse is that the F430 is wearing a coat of Bianco Fuji paint, which is a five-figure option from the factory. Neither driver nor passenger even bothered to stop the madness after the alarm went off either. Big Friday FAIL on you guys.

We’re hoping that the driver of the Volkswagen had to pay for their idiotic parking.



What would you do if this was your Ferrari being hit repeatedly?


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