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Friday FAIL: How to NOT do a Burnout in a Mustang


Bye, bye clutch.

Burnouts can be a really fun and exciting stunt for a power-packed, rear-wheel drive car. They’re even better with American muscle cars as their big V-8s spin those rear tires with ease and create a cloud of smoke.

But if your rear tires aren’t spinning as your engine is bouncing off the redline with the clutch engaged, you’re doing something wrong.

What will happen? Just ask this Ford Mustang driver over in Europe. He decided to show off as he was leaving a local car show by doing a burnout. The first attempt wasn’t so great, so he decided to give it another go, but instead of burning up his rear tires, he smoked his clutch and destroyed it in an incredibly embarrassing public FAIL.

Part of us feels bad for how terribly humiliating this failed burnout was, but then again don’t try to show off if you can’t perform.

Here’s another angle:


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On a scale of 1-10, how big of a FAIL is this clutch-destroying attempted burnout?


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