LOLWUT?! These Little Kids are Driving a Ferrari – Video

Who needs Power Wheels?

You may remember piloting a red and yellow Little Tikes Cozy Coupe with the corny bumper sticker on the back or one of those weak electric Power Wheels as a child. It was probably the closest you were to driving an actual car until your mid-teenage years. Driving a car as a child, we’re guessing, was out of the question, even if said car was a Ferrari F430.

But in Sobha City, Kerala, India, two children were handed the keys to a Ferrari F430 and allowed to drive. Yes, they were able to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 and actually drive the car up and down the road, and over speed bumps.

Now, for being so young, they didn’t drive badly at all. Heck, they probably drove better than most of us did as teenagers when we first got behind the wheel. But, this is INCREDIBLY irresponsible, and blows our minds as to why somebody would let two children drive a high-performance car anywhere.

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