Let’s take a look at the Toyota GT-86 Shooting/Sport Brake

Toyota GT-86 Shooting Brake

A car for the enthusiast that wants it all.

Our friends over at are a bunch of comical Brits that serve up some brilliantly funny automotive fun stuff. Their latest idea is likely to cause quite a commotion amongst the automotive community and will likely have some enthusiasts asking for it to be put into production by Toyota/Subaru.

Well, if you’re a fan of the Ferrari FF or the BMW E36/8 M Coupe you’ll be writing Akio Toyoda asking for this to be given the green light immediately. If not, well, you have something new to laugh at for the day. It’s the Toyota GT-86 Shooting/Sport Brake, and while it’s just a rendering, it’s pretty different than your average GT-86/FR-S/BRZ.

The GT-86 Shooting Brake is now more practical than ever, just in case you wanted to carry your friends along comfortably instead of making them chop off their legs to fit into the backseat of the standard GT-86. The entire body has been lengthened by 70 mm to make things a bit more spacious and the rear bench has been changed from the original fold-flat to a 60:40 split design. The trunk was also made a bit roomier and is now 298 liters compared to 243 with the original car, or it can be opened up for a large 1,040 liters of space by folding down the seats for those that want a practical rear-wheel drive two-door sports car hatch.

In terms of performance, things got a bit less “sporty” thanks to the addition of 65 kg with the Sport Brake design. The sprint from 0-62 mph takes either 7.8- or 8.5 seconds (manual/auto) depending on the transmission choice, and the question for some then becomes “Is that fast enough to outrun ugly?” Maybe, depending on if it’s Sarah-Jessica-Parker-ugly or Courtney-Love-ugly. Parker might have a bit more horsepower though…

The highly controversial Toyota GT-86 Shooting Brake/Sport Brake will be available in the UK for £26,945 with the manual and £28,445 for the automatic.

Toyota GT-86 Shooting Brake

[Source: Car Throttle]

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