The Mars Chess Set is a Design Checkmate

Mars Chess Set

A classic game with an elegant design.

Chess is a classic mental battle involving intricate strategy and thought. It’s an exciting and cerebral game enjoyed by young and old and now has a new, elegant design thanks to Mars Made and their new Chess set.

Based in Boston, MA, has specialized in modern, high-end gaming that pushes the limits of design since 2007. The new Mars Chess set is one of their latest examples of a classic game with a stylish, modern design.

Each Mars Chess set will feature a checkered board surface in either etched carbon fiber or black-painted glass with a range of colors also available. Each chess piece is made from precision machined aluminum with a variety of anodized finishes to match the color scheme of the game. But the design of the game goes beyond special materials and construction. Each piece is crafted with a unique shape such as the superior crown worn atop of the King, the straightforward shape of each Rook, or the skinny yet curvaceous figure of the Queen.

The Mars Chess set a way to experience one of the oldest and most intellectual games in the world in a new, modern way.

Mars Chess Set Gallery

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