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Manhart Racing gets Torquey with their new Diesel Tuning Programs

Manhart Racing Diesel Tuning

More fun for BMW and MINI.

Manhart Racing has been building, re-building, and modifying BMW engines for quite some time. The German company had been able to achieve great success with the M-models from the BMW family, but have decided to shift their focus to the diesel-powered vehicles in the BMW and MINI lineups.

Manhart Racing wants the full range of MINI and BMW diesel models to be as much fun to drive as their gasoline counterparts. So, every oil-burner from the BMW 116d to the triple-turbocharged X5, X6 and 5-Series diesels has been given a bump in power thanks to a new Manhart Racing software module.

Manhart Racing Diesel Tuning

Manhart Racing Diesel Tuning Range


1 series F20 116d
1 series E81/82/87/88 123d
3 series F30 320d
3 series E90/91/92/93 335d
5 series F10/11 M550d
5 series E60/61 530d
6 series F12 640d
X5 E70 xDrive35d
X6 E71 M50d

Factory Performance
85 kW/114 bhp, 260 Nm
150 kW/202 bhp, 400 Nm
135 kW/181 bhp, 380 Nm
210 kW/282 bhp, 580 Nm
280 kW/376 bhp, 740 Nm
173 kW/232 bhp, 520 Nm
230 kW/309 bhp, 630 Nm
210 kW/282 bhp, 580 Nm
280 kW/376 bhp, 740 Nm

After Tuning
104 kW/140 bhp, 299 Nm
188 kW/252 bhp, 460 Nm
162 kW/217 bhp, 450 Nm
263 kW/353 bhp, 667 Nm
311 kW/417 bhp, 900 Nm
216 kW/290 bhp, 598 Nm
275 kW/369 bhp, 740 Nm
263 kW/353 bhp, 667 Nm
311 kW/417 bhp, 900 Nm

Manhart Racing Diesel Tuning

Our pick of the litter would have to be the M550d tune that sees an increase to 417 bhp and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft.) of torque. That should offer some oil-burning fun with a pretty dynamic chassis.

[Source: Manhart Racing]

What BMW diesel would you tune with the Manhart Racing software range? Leave a comment and let us know!


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