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Watch the Hennessey Performance HPE700 E63 AMG put down 549 RWHP


Unleashing the beast.

Hennessey Performance may not be known for their tuning of German cars, but they do know how to tune a V-8, especially one with forced induction. Their new HPE700 E63 AMG is a perfect example of their skills and features a new air induction system and special engine tuning amongst other exterior and chassis upgrades.

So what do all of those upgrades create?

Well, 549 horsepower to the rear wheels, which is an increase of 90 horsepower to the rear wheels over the standard model. But the HPE700 E63 AMG isn’t just about that lone 594 horsepower figure. It also has a broader power curve, making it more enjoyable to drive as it provides a generous amount of power on tap for any situation. Just watch as the E63 AMG unleashes all hell on the dynometer, spinning each of those rear wheels with a furious V-8 roar.

The HPE 700 upgrade from Hennessey Performance can be installed on all 2012-2013 Mercedes-Benz AMG models with the 5.5-liter biturbo V-8 engine such as the CLS63, G63, GL63, ML63, S63, and SL63.

[Source: Hennessey Performance]

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