Megaupload’s Kim ”Dotcom” Schlitz gets his Car Collection Seized

Seized in NZ.

A large amount of websites shut down for the day on January 18th in protest of the recent SOPA and PIPA. The protest was seen and heard around the world, and got the attention of many government officials.

The website Megaupload, was shut down on January 19th by the FBI and is accused of hosting pirated media that resulted is $500 million of revenue lost. Seven of the company’s employees were also arrested. Then anonymous, the internet hacking/activist group, shut down the FBI’s website along with a number of others.

After shutting Megaupload down, the FBI then turned to the founder, Kim “Dotcom” Schlitz and seized his possessions, including his large car collection at him home in New Zealand.

Now, regardless of where you stand in the SOPA/PIPA protests and Megaupload drama, it’s always fun to see car collections of the super rich. was in New Zealand when this all went down and was able to snap quite a few pictures of the Kim Dotcom car collection.

Megaupload Kim Dotcom Car Collection Gallery

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